Conor McGregor Says He Won’t Fight Unless He is Part Owner; Talks About Matchups with Ferguson, Diaz, and Other Boxers

UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor has been very busy this week due to the premiere of his documentary “the Notorious”.  For the promotion of the movie, McGregor has had to do some interviews and also held a Q & A with different media for the documentary. He spoke about when he wants to return to fighting and was also asked about matchups with Tony Ferguson, and Nate Diaz.


McGregor on Returning to MMA

McGregor, who is coming off the record-breaking (6.7million Pay Per View buys according to UFC President, Dana White) boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr was asked when he plans to return to MMA.

“They’re trying to get me back before the end of the year to make the company money so the can re-service the debt after the big $4.2 billion sale ..,. I’m in a great position. I’m in the forever money stage now. My money is up there rattling around in the money counter machine, so I’m good”

McGregor, who started the company, McGregor Sports& Entertainment said that he won’t fight in the UFC until he co-promotes the event like he said he did for the Mayweather fight. This would put McGregor in new uncharted territories as no fighter has ever co-promoted a fight in the UFC before.

“I was a promoter on the Mayweather fight, and we’re in current negotiations. I ain’t stepping in that octagon again unless I’m part owner of the whole setup – I’m a promoter”

McGregor reportedly will bank over $100 million dollars for his fight against Mayweather Jr. That figure is more than any UFC fighter has made in an entire career.

They’ve got to entice me now because I came from a billion-dollar fight. They’ve got to entice me. I want equity, I want ownership, I want to be a true partner, similar to the way I was in the Floyd fight. I was a promoter, and I was a fighter, and that must continue for me to continue”

McGregor on Next Opponent

McGregor put to rest the rumors that he will never fight again.

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I still love fighting. It’s just something I love to do. I don’t know what it is. I will fight again, no doubt, and I will fight multiple times.

McGregor responded to UFC President, Dana White, who said UFC interim lightweight champion,  Tony Ferguson was the next fight for McGregor.

I know there are many contenders in the UFC. There are many boxing contenders as well. What interest me is certainly a UFC bout, certainly a defense of my lightweight title. There is a fighter with the interim lightweight belt. I feel that will be next. We will see how negotiations go”

McGregor did not mention Ferguson by name, but he did specifically speak about a matchup with his rival, Nate Diaz by name.

The Diaz trilogy is also there, I can defend my belt against Nate. Maybe we can persuade one of these boxing opponents to step in the octagon, or there’s also boxing bouts as well. So there’s many options”.

McGregor has not fought MMA since beating Eddie Alvarez last November for the UFC lightweight championship at UFC 205.

Ferguson won the interim lightweight title over Kevin Lee at UFC 216, while Diaz has not fought since August of 2016 when he lost a close decision to McGregor at UFC 202.

UFC 219 is scheduled for December 30th in Las Vegas, It is assumed that when McGregor says the UFC is trying to get him to fight before the end of the year, they are trying to get him to headline this card.

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