ABC President Says Conor McGregor Has Been Removed from Scheduled UFC 219 Fight

The Association of Boxing Commission (ABC) President, Mike Mazzulli was upset about Conor McGregor’s actions on this past Friday’s Bellator 187.

The event took place at the 3 Arena in Dublin, Ireland. McGregor’s teammate, Charlie Ward fought John Redmon that night. After Ward knocked Redmond out, McGregor jumped over the fence, into the cage to celebrate with Ward. The UFC lightweight champion was celebrating with Ward when he was told by the referee, Marc Goddard that he must leave the cage. McGregor got upset with Goddard and pushed the veteran referee. He pointed at Goddard and threatened him until he was escorted out of the cage by Bellator officials. After McGregor left the cage, he jumped back on the outside of the cage. When Bellator official, Michael Johnson attempted to push McGregor off the cage, McGregor slapped Johnson.

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Mazzulli was hired by Bellator to be the event regulator because Ireland has no Athletic Commission, Mazzulli stated that he is looking over his legal options that he could take against McGregor. He said that he reached out to the UFC, who he believes will punish McGregor. He also stated that the UFC has removed McGregor from his scheduled UFC 219 bout.

“Mr. McGregor was planned for December 30th card”, Mazzulli told MMAJunkie, “But he will not be fighting”.

It was not yet announced that McGregor was fighting at UFC 219 on December 30th, but it was largely rumored that the UFC was trying to book McGregor versus Interim lightweight champion, Tony Ferguson.

Mazzulli also informed MMAJunkie that he has reached out to the commissions that have licensedMcGregor.

The UFC and McGregor have not commented on the reported removal of McGregor from UFC 219.

UFC 219 is scheduled for December 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

McGregor has not fought since UFC 205 last November.


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