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UPDATED: Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Agree to a Deal

Accourding to the Washington Post, UFC superstar Conor McGregor and Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather have agreed on terms.  Nothing has officially been announced yet, but accourding to the Washington post the fight could be announced within in the next two weeks.

Details on the amount of money each fighter will receive are not known as of now. It was stated by Mayweather; who has a professional record of 49-0, would not enter the ring with McGregor for anything under $100 million.

There is still many obstacles like Showtime and the UFC allowing the fight to happen. Plus a boxing commission must approve the fight. Word is a third party is holding up the progress.

Mayweather, McGregor and the UFC have not commented on the news yet.

UPDATED: UFC President, Dana White told TMZ that there is no deal done, while Mayweather went on social media and stated that he has not reached any agreement to fight anybody and that he is retired.


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