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Combate Clasico Results and Recap

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By:  Nick Portella

On TThursday July 27, 2017,Combate Americas was live at Mana Wynwood Convention Center in Miami, Florida for Combate Clasico. With this being a huge fight card, in a jam packed arena, with lots of action, it is also part of a nearly week long extravaganza which ends with world soccer powerhouses Barcelona taking on Real Madrid (El Clasico) at Hard Rock Stadium.

The main event of a 9 fight card will feature two premier pound for pound fighters. Ricardo “El Gallero” Palacios is 8-1 and on an absolute hot streak. He has won his last five fights and is looking to extend the streak. Standing across the cage will be a tough opponent in Gracie Jiu Jitsu fighter Chris Avila. Fighting out of Lodi, California under Team Cesar Gracie Chris has some of the best training partners in the world. With UFC superstar Nate Diaz cornering him for this event, you can rest assured that this main event is going to be a war.

Fight Card and Results

Main Event

Ricardo “El Gallero” Palacios (8-1) defeats Chris Avila (5-4) – Featherweight – via unanimous decision

Round 1:  They begin to exchange early. Avila lands some great punches but Palacios returns the favor. Palacios ducks under and let an overhand go but misses the mark. He resets and lands some solid shots but Avila appears unphased. Minor clinch but both fighters release. Palacios dancing around while Avila is finding his range Palacios throwing bomb after bomb landing one partially. Sporadic punches were thrown and Palacios places one well. Avila instigates the clinch but Palacios breaks free. Avila lands a good right hand and Palacios gets out and resets. Avila scores the takedown and Palacios struggles to get to his feet and makes it. Avila remains in control. They break the lock. End round 1.

Round 2: Palacios still dancing to start the round but Avila looks fresh. Palacios land two kicks with one appearing to do some damage. Avila ducks an overhand left and takes Palacios to the ground. He manages his way up to his feet and gets loose. Palacios lands another big punch and Avila shakes it off immediately and goes back on the attack. Punches and kicks thrown by both parties but nothing solid or in succession. Palacios lands a nice combination. Avila continues to move forward. Palacios lands another good punch but does not follow it. Avila scores another takedown and Palacios does not want to play the ground game and gets back to his feet in a scramble. End round 2.

Round 3:  Big exchanged take place with no damage done. Avile lands a glancing head kick and Palacios fire out a jab. Avila puts up his guard working to the inside. Palacios lands and shot nd Avila lands a combo immediately. Avila on the attack but Palacios is staying out of harm’s way. Palacios tries a combo and Avila lands a right that staggered him briefly. One minute to go and Avila is letting his hands go. Palacios lands a left hook Availa gets into the clinch which is quickly broken. End round 3.

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 30-27 – Palacios
Judges Scorecard – 30-27 x3

Co-Main Event

Marcelo “El Pitbull” Rojo (11-4) defeats Billy Molina (5-3) – Featherweight – 4:50 into round number 1 via TKO (punches)

Round 1:  Molina comes out landing a hard shot which backs Rojo up. They exchange some blows and both back out. They are feeling each other out and getting their range. Molina becomes the aggressor again throwing punches and knees. Rojo’s back is on the cage which the two clinch and fight for position. Molina throwing knees while Rojo letting some uppercuts go. They break away. Rojo lands a hard shot and backs Molina into the cage. Another clinch battle takes place. Rojo scores a takedown and drops some ground and pound. Molina manages to block enough to get back to his feet. Rojo scores another takedown which turns into a struggle for position. Hard elbow landed to Molina’s face. He attempts to wiggle out but ends up in closed guard. Rojo gets free and lands some bombs. Rojo wins via referee stoppage TKO (punches) 4:50 into round 1.


Main Card Event

Kyra “Mogwai” Batara (5-4) defeats Vanesa Rico (2-2) – Atomweight – via second round submission (armbar)

Round 1:  Both come out firing away. Rico landing but Batara countering well. Rico lands a huge shot but Batara pushing forward. MOre punches exchanged and Rico takes her don but she stands up immediately. Rico against the fence but reverses immediately. Batara has under hooks and the two exchange knees. Rico goes for a takedown but is stuffed but remains in control. They stand up and exchange some more. Rico lands some more effective punches but Batara answers back. No one advancing against the cage so the ref breaks them free to reset. Rico continues to land blows. Batara goes for a takedown but it is stuffed and Rico takes control. Batara reverses. They end against the cage.  End round 1.

Round 2: Batara lands a takedown early but Rico is comfortable with her back against the cage. Batara gets into half guard and lands some blows. Rico resets to not take damage. Batara gets to mount and appeared to look for an armbar but abandoned it. Rico taking some ground and pound but defending well. Batara lands a flurry of punches with some mixed in elbows. Sitting armbar locked in causing Rico to tap.     

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – Rico winning 10-9 after one round


Alberto Montes (5-0) defeats Jonathan Quiroz (2-2) – Featherweight – via unanimous decision

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 30-26 – Montes

Judges Scorecard – 30-27 x3


Ozzie “The Outlaw” Alvarez (7-3) defeats Anderson “Son” Melo (11-9) – Welterweight – via unanimous decision

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 29-28 – Alvarez

Judges Scorecard – 30-28, 30-27, 29-28


Joey “El Cazador” Ruquet (4-1) defeats Vinney “The Instigator” Pantaleon (1-1) – Bantamweight – via unanimous decision

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 29-28 – Ruquet

Judges Scorecard – 29-27, 29-28 x2


Irwin Rivera (5-3) defeats Chino “Chino” Duran – Bantamweight – via unanimous decision

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 30-26 – Rivera

Judges Scorecard – 30-27 x3


Rafael “Rafa Thai” Alves (14-9) defeats Rudy “Ruthless” Morales (4-4) – Catchweight 150lbs. – via unanimous decision

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 30-26 – Alves

Judges Scorecard -(Alves wins via decision)


Gustavo Trujillo (Pro Debut) defeats Wes Cantillo (0-1) – Light Heavyweight Bout – 4:18 into round 2 via TKO (elbows)

THEMMATAKEOVER Scorecard – 10-8 – Trujillo after one round


Definitely, an event that should have been watched. There were wars, finishes, and knock outs. This card lived up to the hype 100% and I am honored to have been a part of it. Proceeding the event there was an exclusive V.I.P. party that was star studded, fighter filled, and worth its weight in gold. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the next Combate’s event. I have to recommend you make a point to see one of their cards live and experience the excitement of a fabulous MMA event. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver.com this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA


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