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Coffee, Cereal, and a UFC Recap


UFC 221 in Perth Australia surely endured its share if unfortunate occurrences prior to the event which seemingly turned quite a bit of fans off this particular fight card. Surprise, surprise, a card much of the public masses were down on, shows up, and absolutely delivers. With some brutal finishes, competitive affairs, let us take a look at some key points from down under.

Luke Rockhold vs Yoel Romero

– Luke Rockhold still has subpar boxing, that will never change even with his new striking relative camp.
– Yoel Romero is an absolute finisher, he picks his spots to explode as good as anyone in the sport.
– Do you really care the fight was not for an “interim title”? I do not, and the same result is still in play: The winner is fighting middleweight champion Robert Whittaker.
Fight Grade: A

Curtis Blaydes vs Mark Hunt

– Mark Hunt has no business against grapplers any further in his career, he’s not in contention, so just make some fun fights.
– Blaydes is going to make a run here in 2018. His cardio, and wrestling make him a rare piece at heavyweight. Especially as his style is a blueprint followed by two of the more dominant champions in the division, Miocic, and Velasquez. In a division of absent cardio strikers, the wrestler with cardio thrives.
Fight Grade: B

Tai Tuivasa vs Cyril Asker

– Yes, Tuivasa is that good. Combinations of varying strikes, another exciting addition to the heavyweight roster.
– Asker has an absolute granite chin, taking those shots at heavyweight from someone who hits as hard as Tuivasa, impressive.
– That fight should have probably been stopped about thirty seconds earlier.
Fight Grade: A-

Jake Matthews vs Li Jianling

– Matthews showed an exponential improvement in every aspect of his game. Looks similar to a Robert Whittaker situation where once he moved up to a more natural weight class, his ability showed through. Cutting much weight is not the answer.
– The eye rip by Jianling looks incidental,  rather than intentional.
– Matthews at welterweight at 23 years of age, definitely one to watch now.
Fight Grade: A

Tyson Pedro vs Saparbek Safarov

– That was one of the more beautiful kimuras seen in the UFC.
– Safarov was a game opponent, Pedro was on his game rather.
– Though Pedro’s finish was fantastic, he needs to do better to stop the takedown
– Difficult to gauge where Pedro is in this division.
Fight Grade: B+

Dong Hyun Kim vs Damien Brown

– The fight flew a bit under the radar with some other really exciting affairs, it was not a bad fight in the least.
– Tight decision, really could have gone the other way without much complaint, I would imagine.
– Kim has a nicely rounded skill set, one he has not particularly figured out how to fully employ.
Fight Grade: B-

Israel Adesanya vs Rob Wilkinson

– Wilkinson realized very early on he had to commit to the takedown, as he had nothing on the feet for Adesanya. Wilkinson was just a fish in a shark tank.
– Adesanya is not far off in the assessment of his debut, one of the most exciting since Conor McGregor. He will be a star.
– The UFC promotional team likely got starry eyed while listening to the post fight speech; That is how you cut get people excited, well done Adesanya.
Fight Grade: A-

Alexander Volkanovski vs Jeremy Kennedy

– Volkanovski is a problem at featherweight. His top game is outstanding, and his physical strength is going to be huge for him at this weight class.
– Volkanovski just put everyone on notice with that performance.
Fight Grade: B

Jussier Formiga vs Ben Nguyen

– Formiga likely could have finished that fight with ground, and pound, but he is a black belt, so he chose mata leaõ.
– Formiga probably is not ready for a title shot, yet he looked really good. Should get a title eliminator potentially.
Fight Grade: B
I was not able to view the first opening three fights on the card. Overall this card far surpassed on-paper expectations, but don’t Australian cards usually do that anyway? For whatever reason every card down under turns into an enormous success. I had a lot of fun watching, I hope you did as well.
Overall Fight Card Grade: A-

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