Coffee, Cereal, and a UFC Recap


Derek Bowe was unable to write this week’s Coffee, Cereal, and a UFC Recap. I get the honor of doing it. While I know that I won’t be able to match Derek’s insight and wit, I will try my best to come as close as possible.

UFC Sydney was a terrible card on paper. It’s co-main event featured a fighter that almost nobody heard of (Unless you read the Q & A Interview with Jessica Rose-Clark that we did months ago!). Many of times when a card is weak on paper, it ends up being a great card. This is not one of them. The card was pretty lackluster even considering it had a fight of the year candidate between Frank Camacho and Damien Brown and a knockout of the year candidate thanks to a flying knee by Tai Tuivasa.

UFC Sydney Card


Fabricio Werdum vs Marcin Tybura

  • Fabricio Werdum’s striking has been drastically underappreciated for years. During the build-up of this fight, everyone was claiming Tybura would have a great advantage in the striking, while Werdum won it fairly easily.
  •  Werdum’s physical skills are starting to diminish, but his ring generalship has never been better. He continued to get Tybura to react how he wanted, so he could land at will
  • Werdum has a very good clinch. He dominated Tybura in this position. He also did his best work against Cain Velasquez in this position.
  • Tybura is good but not great anywhere. This is a major problem. He is a decent wrestler, but not Cain Velasquez. He snaps his kicks up fast, but isn’t Mirko Cro Cop. Tybura has punching power but isn’t Mark Hunt. I don’t see anything special.
  • I still think Werdum’s interactions with Colby Covington, Tony Ferguson, and Edmond Tarverdan has made him look really bad

Overall Fight Grade: C 


Jessica Rose-Clark vs Bec Rawlings

  • The fight was a terrible fight on paper to be a co-main event. This was a lot closer to a Fight Pass level fight than the co-main event
  • Jessica Rose-Clark actually showed a lot more promise in this fight than she has on the regional scene.
  • Bec Rawlings is a pretty good fighter in the pocket. She isn’t very good anywhere else

Overall Fight Grade: C


Belal Muhammad vs Tim Means

  • I really think Tim Means let this fight get away from him. He was doing so well at range with his jab and teep kicks. He also did well at getting a plum clinch when Muhammad got into range. However, he stopped dictating the range the rest of the fight
  • Muhammad won this fight because he threw more. Being more active will help you win may fights.
  • Muhammad calling out Colby Covington is so silly. Covington just beat a top 5 guy and his name is on everybody’s lips. He isn’t taking on Muhammad

Overall Fight Grade: C+


Jake Mathews vs Bojan Velickovic

  • I scored the fight for Velickovic. I scored it 29-28
  • Jake Mathews dug deep in the 3rd round. When Velichovic had his back and pinned up against the cage. Mathews found a way to reverse it and it won him the fight. In the past, he would have folded and lost
  • People forget that Mathews is only 23 years old, and still has tons of room to grow.
  • I think Mathews needs to train in the North America. Training with a major team could be a key to living up to his hype he had when he entered the UFC

Overall Fight Grade: B-

Elias Theodorou vs Daniel Kelly

  • I was so impressed by Elias Theodorou. This was his best victory to date. Kelly put on a pace that not many people could handle, but Theodorou past the test with flying colors. He even had a much higher output than Kelly had
  • Even though Kelly tried rushing him several times, Theodorou found ways to keep his range and unload kicks to the legs, body and even head for the entire fight
  • Kelly’s game plan was terrible.  He needed to be either checking kicks or trying to catch kicks or both.
  • I like Kelly. He is so entertaining. But at 40 years old and a really bad knee, his days are numbered.
  • This was the perfect contrast of styles. Kelly is the 40-year-old with one of the worst bodies in MMA. He likes to press forward and turn the fight into an ugly brawl. Theodorou is a 29-year-old fight, who is also a model. He loves a technical fight from range.
  • This fight reminded me of a father walking in on his daughter with some college frat boy in bed. The dad chasing him around trying to land haymakers while the frat boy is kicking the father trying to escape.

Overall Fight Grade: B+


Alex Volkanovski vs Shane Young

  • I am driving the Alex Volkanovski bandwagon. I think he will be a top 10 featherweight, and could possibly challenge for a title someday
  • Volkanovskiis so strong. He pressures his opponents and is relentless with takedowns
  • I hope he goes to a major team so he can grow more. I think Mark Henry’s team would be perfect.
  • Shane Young was put in an impossible position. He got a UFC debut on very short notice against one of the best young talents in the UFC.

Overall Fight Grade: C+


Ryan Benoit vs Ashkan Mohktarian

  • The fight was terrible until the high kick knockout
  • I was a little sad because I wanted to see if Mohktarian would get the decision win with his strategy of running and occasionally bolting in with an attack.

Overall Fight Grade: D+


Nik Lentz vs Will Brooks

  • Will Brooks beats some really good fighters in Bellator including beating Michael Chandler twice. Many myself included expected him to be a top 10 fighter in the weight class. He is now 1-3 in the UFC and looks like a total bust
  • Brooks lost this fight because he has terrible fight IQ. He was winning the striking battle and Lentz couldn’t take him down. Lentz only way of winning was catching a guillotine. So Brooks shoots in while winning to set up the guillotine.
  • If I was Dan Lambert, I would take the $50,000 bet from Lentz, who claimed he could beat any LW from American Top Team. Take the bet and request the UFC matches Lentz with Dustin Poirier.

Overall Fight Grade: C


Tia Tuivasa vs Rashad Coulter

  • Tia Tuivasa is very big and athletic. That means a lot in the heavyweight division
  • The knockout is one of the best of the year
  • Rashad Coutler has been beaten bad in 2 straight UFC fights. He should be fighting on the regional scene.

Overall Fight Grade: B


Frank Camacho vs Damien Brown

  • Wow !
  • Wow !
  • Wow !
  • If it wasn’t for Justin Gaethje vs Michael Johnson, this might be Fight of the Year.  Both guys put on a tremendous show

Overall Fight Grade: A+


Nadia Kassem vs Alex Chambers

  • It is hard to know if Nadia Kassem is really good or if she just looked that way because she faced Alex Chambers, who isn’t good at all
  • Alex Chambers is really likable but at almost 40 years, and won 1 fight in almost in almost 5 years. It was also a fight that she was dominating. Chambers is well educated and should move on to the next step in life.

Overall Fight Grade: B-


Eric Shelton vs Jenel Lausa

  • I am all in on Eric Shelton. He could easily be 3-0 in the UFC after losing two very close decisions.
  • Shelton is making drastic improvements in his striking. He has good footwork with a nice jab. His hands are fast and he backs it up with some nice kicks. His wrestling is very good
  • Jenel Lausa must have pissed off the matchmakers. He  has gotten really tough matchups with Magomed Bibulatov and Eric Shelton in back to back fights.

Overall Fight Grade: C+

Adam Wieczorek vs Anthony Hamilton

  • This fight was god awful
  • At least we didn’t watch Anthony Hamilton getting knocked out by a jap/

Overall Fight Grade: F


Overall UFC Sydney Fight Card: C+

The knockout Tia Tuivasa over Rashad Coulter and the war between Frank Camacho and Damien Brown made the score of the card pretty respectable.

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