CES MMA 44 Play by Play

By David Stuart

It’s main event time so that means the CESMMA Featherweight title is about to be put on the line. Matt “The Mangler” Bessette (21-7) is ready to defend his title against late replacement Rey “The Chosen Warrior” Trujillo (22-18). Bessette was  original set to defend his title against Jeremy Spoon.  but Spoon pulled out due to injury. Round 1 and each guy is throwing some knees to the body.  Matt with some knees in the clinch. Both guys are letti the gloves fly late in round 1. Rey with a takedown late. The round ends with Bessette trying with a triangle sumbmission.

Round 2  Bessette with a nice combo along the cage. Bessette drop Rey with a right hand and takes his back. Bessette sinks in the body lock.  Bessette trying to get Rey in a rear naked choke. Rey fights though and gets back to his feet. Head kick by bessette but Rey just eats it.  A cut has opened up of Rey. Bessette with some knees to end round 2.

The doctors call the fight after round 2. Bessette is still the featherweight champion.

The only Heavyweight  bout on the card is up next and it is the Co- Main event of the evening. Cranston’s own Greg  “Ribz” Rebello (21-7) is ready for war and his opponent “King” Kevin Ray Sears (6-3) is ready to shock the world.  Round 1 starts with both guys feeling each other out.  Sears is looking to land one big punch to end the night. Sears connects .  Big knee by Rebello on Sears.  Greg again with another nice knee to the body.  Greg is taking his time with Sears. Sears puts all of his power with each punch.

Round 2 Sears charges forward to start round 2.  Sears with some devastating body shots but sears is hurt but is still in the fight. Sears with a big takedown but Greg reverses it and ends up on top. Greg with some ground and pound. Greg tries to a guillotine but the round ends.

Round 3 and Sears looks gassed,  Sears keeps trying to land those haymakers. Sears is pressing the action in this third round.  Sears with a bad takedown attempt and Greg is on top again. Greg is trying to choke out Sears. Greg now with some ground and pound trying to end this fight.  Rebello tries for a late submission and he gets the finish.

Winner – Greg Rebello – round 3 Submission D’arce Choke. (4:47)

The featherweights are about to make their way to the cage. Sean Soriano (9-5) does battle with Jacob “The Jaguar” Bohn (5-2).  Soriano with a nice leg kick,  Bohn is trying to mix it up with some different type of kicks. A nice left hook by Soriano and a brutal knee as well. Sean is tagging Jacob with some combos.

Round 2 Starts with a big Soriano chant to pump up Sean.  Bohn starts to use a lot more fakes. Bohn tries a takedown but can’t finish. Soriano is hurting Bohn with his hands and the leg kicks are taking there toll. Bohn figh had enough of the leg kick and calls off the himself.

Winner – TKO LEG KICKS – Sean Soriano round 2 (3:21)

UFC Veteran Jon Manley (9-3) who makes his return to the cage after a two year layoff  goes up against Welterweight fighter Manny Walo (11-2). Big crowd pop for Manley before the fight starts. Each fighter as exchanges kicks to start round 1.  Walo with a nice right hand to the side of the head on Manley.  Walo is landing some nice shots. Walo has been landing clean shots on Manley during round 1.

Round 2 starts with a some nice close boxing by both fighters. Walo stuffs Manley’s takedown and there back to the center of the cage.  Manley has these burst of power where he is just throwing wild shots hoping to connect. Walo with some very fast punches landing on Manley

Round 3 Manley starts round three with a little more urgency knowing he maybe down 2 rounds to none.  Walo with a nice jumping knee and Manley just walks right through it. The crowd is trying to will Joe back into this fight.  Each fighter is just trading punches as the final minute counts down. Walo stuffs another takedown from manley.

Winner – Manny Walo – Unanimous Dec   ===  judges score it (30-27) All

The Light Heavyweights are set to do battle next inside the CES cage. We have Mike Rodriguez (6-2) who fights Alec Hooben (5-2).  Both guys are trading some heavy shots but nothing is landed. Hooben gets a takedown and delivering some brutal knees that rock Mike but he is still in this fight. Hooben again with a takedown and gets the back of Rodrigues.  The body triangle is now applied has Hooben is looking for a submission.  Mike with a flying knee to the body, and then  hooben falls into guard to get this fight to the ground.  Hobeen with a heel hook as they roll the entire length of the cage. Mike with some nice ground and pound. Mike Rodriguez finish the fight with some beautiful elbows and the ref has seen enough.

Winner- Round 1 – TKO elbows – Mike Rodriguez (4:46)

The Bantamweights are up next as undefeated Carlos Candelario (5-0) goes up against Timothy “Rambo” Wheeler (2-2).  Both guys  come out with a lot of steam and Carlos is able to drag Tim down to the ground. Carlos some nice and ground and pound and he stretches him and follows up with some more ground and pound until the ref steps in an calls the fight.

Winner  round 1 – TKO Carlos Candelario (1:12)

Next up in the Middleweight division we have Brian “Checkmate” Sparrow (2-0) Looking to go 3-0 when he fights Justin “The Fort” Sumter (3-1).  Sparrow with a big pop from the crowd when his name is introduced.  Sumter is trying to end this fight with one clean punch.  Sumter with some nice ground a pound.  Sparrow with an arm bar attempt but Sumter with some more ground and pound. Sparrow is using more kicks to disrupt Sumter’s game plan.  Round one ends with both fighters in the clinch against the cage

Round 2 begins with a nice short shot from Sumter that sends Sparrow to the ground but doesn’t follow him to the ground. Sumter lands a nice high kick and Sparrow shoot in but Sumter wants to keep it standing. A failed takedown attempt by sparrow.  Justin landing a clean left hand on sparrow’s chin.  Justin is walking Brian down with nice shot and it is taken its toll on Sparrow.  Sumter with a nice high kick to end round 2.

Round 3 starts and sparrow is mixing in more leg kicks. Sumter’s left as been there all night. Another failed takedown attempt from Justin Sparrow.  The third round ends with both guy trying to get an advatange.

Winner – Unanimous Dec-   Justin Sumter  – all 3 judges 30-27

A welterweight showdown between Pawtucket’s own Toby “TNT” Oden, who has a record of (2-1)  steps into the cage against Paul Sims, who is making is pro debut. Oden lands a nice head kick to get things started in round 1. Toby Oden is trying to sink in a guillotine on Sims. Sims has taken the back on Oden and it fighting with his hand for position.  Sims with another takedown on Oden.  Round 1 ends with Oden on top.

Round 2 starts with Sims trying to takedown  and he gets if after a clinching with Oden.  Both guys are trying to end this fight with one punch and both stumble and Oden lands in side control.  Sims works his way back on top. Round two ends with Sims on top of Oden.

Round 3 is under way and Sims immediately clinches with  Oden.  The ref stands them up after there is no action on the group. Sims tries a front kick but slips and Oden ends up on top. With tens seconds left Toby delivers some ground and pound to end the round and bring an end to this fight.

Winner –  Unanimous Dec Paul Sims 

Next the only female fight on tonight’s card is the Bantamweight  Division.  “Scary Kerri Kenneson who is making her pro Debut has a tough task as She faces undefeated Jennifer Norris, (3-0). Kerri  tries a front kick that is stuff and Jennifer’s start working her clinch game on the cage.  A trip takedown leads to an arm bar attempt form Jennifer.  Jennifer is trying to get the arm bar finish on Kerri. Kerri escapes and is in guard. Kerri posters up with thee nice punches on Jennifer. Kerri is landing nice shot when she pops up. Round 1 is over

Round 2 is underway and Kerri gets a takedown right away.  Jennifer is trying for a Triangle choke but Kerri is fighting it off. Jennifer is still trying to sink in that arm bar submission but to no avail. Both girl faces have shown what a war has already taken place.  Both girls exchange a little dirty boxing while Jennifer has a headlock on Kerri and that is how round 2 ends.

Round 3 just started an Kerri comes out swinging. Jennifer is trying to incorporate more kick in the third round. Both girls are trading punches but nothing is landed with enough power. Jennifer is moving forward trying to catch Kerris chin with one clean shot.  A little dirty boxing along the cage in the clinch.  Round three has come to an end and the crowds show some love to each fighter with a nice applause

Winner – Unanimous 30-27 Kerri wins in her pro debut

To open up tonight’s festivities for CESMMA 44, we have middleweight fighters Adam Quitt (1-4) going against Reginaldo Felix (0-3).  Reginaldo make very short work of Adam with s nice one two combo followed by a nice uppercut that rocks Adam and that is all she wrote folks . Winner Reginaldo TKO RD 1 .15 seconds

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