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CES 48 Results


The top MMA organization in New England, CES MMA returned to kick off their 2018 season. The event was originally set to showcase their featherweight champion, Matt Bessette but just three weeks before the card, Bessette got his long-awaited call to the fight in the UFC.

Matchmaker, Pat Sullivan scrambled to get a new main event and came up with heavyweights Greg Rebello and Travis Wiuff for the recently vacated heavyweight title. Rebello, who is a veteran of both the Ultimate Fighter show and Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series. The New England native was making his 16th appearance inside the CES cage.

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Wiuff is a veteran of the sport was making his unprecedented 96th professional fight. Wiuff, who used to be nicknamed “the Incredible Bulk” (now is called Diesel), has been fighting professionally for 17 years. He is a veteran of the UFC, Pride FC, IFL, and several other top organizations.

The rest of the card featured some local talent including Dinis Paiva, Tim Caron, Rico Disciullo and others. The main card was aired on AXS TV. The card was held at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


CES MMA 48 Main Card Results:

Greg Rebello vs Travis Wiuff

Wiuff shoots in for a takedown but is hit by a left hand.  With Wiuff spread out underneath Rebello, “Ribz” unloaded about twenty left hands on Wiuff, who was trying to get the takedown until he stopped fighting.  The referee stopped the contest.

Greg Rebello becomes the CES MMA heavyweight champion

Greg Rebello Beats Travis Wiuff by 1st round TKO (.23).


Dinis Paiva vs Kevin Barberena

Dinis Paiva made his 17th walk to the CES MMA cage when he faced off against Kevin Barberena. Barberena, who is fighting out of Arizona is the brother of Bryan Barberena, who fights in the UFC.  The two featherweights faced each other in the co-main event.

Paiva lands a straight left to open the action. The Southpaw Paiav backs Barberena up with two more left hands. Barberena lands a right hook himself but is blasted with a left body kick. Both guys are trying to pick their shots. The exchange shots on the feet, with nothing landing flush. Barberena lands a left hook and tries a takedown attempt but is stuffed. Paiva lands a nice three-punch combination while Barberena lands a left hook. After Barberena misses a combination, Paiva behind to taunt him. Paiva unloads his own combination. He lands two uppercuts and a left hand. Barberena gets a takedown but can’t hold the man called “Sweet Bread” down. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Paiva.

Barberena attempts a single leg takedown, but Paiva stopped it with a switch. In a scramble, Barberena looks for a guillotine choke but is unable to get it. He throws a spinning back fist which is blocked. Paiva lands a 1-2 combination. he seems to be stalking his opponent. Paiva lands a straight left. In their next exchange, Barberena complains of being poked in the eye and completely turned his back on him. As he walks away from his opponent expecting a break, the referee screams fight on, and Paiva moves in for the kill. He punches Barberena, who was not looking at Paiva. The drops him. Paiva starts to swarm him and unloads shots. He unloads more shots and Barberena is hurt. Barberena gets a brief takedown and back control but Paiva gets up to his feet as the round ends. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Paiva.

Paiva stalks his prey with body shots. He lands a combination of shots. Barberena is bloodied up and circling away from the crowd favorite. Paiva lands a right hook and an uppercut. They exchange hooks. Paiva is pressing the action trying to finish the fight. Barberena seems to be on survival mode. Paia keeps finding a home for his left hand. Paiva appears to be having fun as he attempts to finish the fight. He is talking to Barverena while he lands two stiff right jabs.  Paiva continues to taunt Barberena as the fight ends. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Paiva. The MMA Takeover scored the fight 30-27 for Paiva.

Dinis Paiva beats Kevin Barberena by Unanimous Decision. 


Tim Caron vs Timothy Woods

One of New England’s top prospects, Tim Caron made his CES debut when he took on Timothy Woods from Maryland. Caron, who has a 6-1 record, only loss came to top prospect Jordan Young at a Bellator event.

Carroll opened the fight up with several kicks to Woods’s body and legs. The two clinched with Caron having a body lock and Woods having an overhook. Woods stepped in front and began to hip toss Carroll to the mat. As the two fighters hit the canvas, Caroll landed flat on his back while Woods landed face down. His own momentum knocked himself out cold.

Tim Caron beat Timothy Woods by 1st round TKO (1:23)


Brian Marino vs Jerome Mickle

Brian Marino, much his return to the cage after a seven-year absence due to two tours in Afghanistan with the US Army. He faced off with Jerome Mickle, who was fighting out the Bronx.

Mickle looked very fast with his hands but was taken down with a double leg takedown. As Mickle got to his feet, Marino charged at him and but Mickle landed a perfectly timed knee. Marino missed a takedown but wobbled Mickle with two left hooks. Mickle caught Marino with a right uppercut but was taken down again. He was able to get to his feet and missed a spinning backfist. Mickle seemed to be tiring while Marino stalked him. Marino lands another left hook. but Mickle counters with a kick to the body. Marino ends the round with a large slam. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Marino.

Mickle opens the round with a right uppercut. Marino presses forward and lands some big shots. Marino times another takedown. After holding Mickle down for a while, Mickle worked to his feet. The action slowed a bit until Marino lands a Superman punch. The two throw haymakers at each other before Marino gets another takedown. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Marino.

Mickle lands a left hook to the body. As Marino closes the distance, Mickle lands two knees to the body. Marino is able to get another takedown. Marino holds Mickle down until he is able to push him off of him with his legs. Back on the feet, Marino missed a takedown, while Mickle missed a huge uppercut. Marino gets another takedown and sits in Mickle’s guard. Mickles lands an up kick when Marino gets to his feet.  Mickle gets back up and lands an uppercut as the fight ends. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Marino and the fight 30 -27 for Marino.

Brian Marino beat Jerome Mickle by Unanimous Decision. 


Dylan Lockard vs Shane Manley

The undefeated Dylan Lockard faced off against Shane Manley in a featherweight contest. Lockard fighting out of New Hampshire, welcomed the New Yorker, Manley

Lockard opened the fight with a hard leg kick. Manley shot in for a double leg takedown but Lockard whizzard out of it. The two exchanged on the feet but neither landed much on the early going. As the round went on they traded jabs and Lockard landed a left hook. In their next exchange, Lockard dropped Manley with a left hook. He went in for the kill, but Manley was able to scramble out. He briefly had Lockard’s back, but Lockard reversed positions. In another scramble, Manley was able to grab the top position and started to land some punches. The Lockard worked to his feet, but Manley jumped into a guillotine but the round ended before he could get the submission. A good round which the MMA Takeover scored 10-9 for Lockard.

The exchange on the feet with both guys landing. Lockard landed a straight right hand while Manley shoots in for a takedown. Manley drags Lockard to the mat and begins to work on top. He keeps the top position, while Lockard attempts a wrestling switch, which Manley blocks. Manley grabs the back position briefly but Lockard rolls out. Lockard briefly gets to the feet but the New Yorker slammed him back down as the round ends. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Manley.

The two exchange on the feet to start the round. Lockard lands a right hand. As he circles away, Manley lands a right. In the next exchange, Lockard landed his left hook again. They both traded jabs, while Manley lands a leg kick. A lot of swinging and hitting the air in this round. At the halfway point of the round, Manley gets a single leg takedown. Lockard Gramby rolls and gets the top position. Manley does his own Gramby roll and gets the top position again. Manley does for a Kimura but gives up his back. Lockard gets to the feet, but Manley locks his hands around Lockard’s body and slams him on the mat again. The round ends with Manley on top. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Manley and the fight 29-28 for Manley.

Shane Manley beats Dylan Lockard by Unanimous Decision. 



Rico Disciullo vs Jaime Hernandez

Rico Disciullo tried to build off his incredible Purvian Neck-Tie submission in his last fight when he faced off against Jaime Hernandez. Hernandez is a fighter out of Colorado. The fight kicked off the televised main card.

The two fighters came out swinging until Hernandez shot in for a takedown. Disciullo blocked it, but Hernandez threw a spinning back fist. Hernandez tried a single leg takedown which Disciullo defended. Disciullo landed a beautiful pitcher perfect front kick to Hernandez’s face. He rocked the Rocky Mountain fighter. He grabbed Hernadez from behind, who escaped. Hernandez was able to get a takedown on Disciullo but the referee stopped the contest to check blood coming from Hernandez’s forehead. After the ringside doctor said it was okay to continue, they restarted the fight back with Hernandez on top. After a brief scramble, Hernandez was able to secure Disciullo’s back. He worked for a rear naked choke but Disciullo reversed the position.  Hernandez swung his hips over going for an armbar, but Discullio lifted him off the mat loosening the hold. Disciullo threw a hard punch while standing over the downed Hernandez that landed very hard. He landed another shot while Hernandez began to roll over.  As Hernandez grabbed Disciullo’s leg, the referee jumped in and said Hernandez couldn’t take any more punishment. The two shots that landed were very hard but it was a very questionable stoppage. Rico Disciullo beats Jamie Hernandez by 1st round TKO (3:21).


CES MMA 48 Unaired Prelim Card Results

Hilarie Rose vs Linsey Williams

While many New Englanders were making their way to Minnesota to watch the Patriots in the Superbowl, Linsey Williams traveled from Minnesota to New England to fight. She took on the hometown fighter, Hilarie Rose, who was making her professional debut. As the fight started, Williams immediately closed the distance and got to the clinch. However, Rose landed two knees to the Midwest fighter’s face. Williams continued to try and work in the clinch, but it seemed that Rose landed the better shots while having her back pressed against the cage. The midpoint of the round and both women are working tirelessly in the clinch. In a brief moment of distance, Williams landed a brief combination and went back to the clinch.  After working for nearly four minutes in the clinch, Williams finally was able to drag Rose to the ground.  With forward pressure, Williams landed some light shots on top as the round ended. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Williams.

Williams started the second round with a brief combination and a quick takedown. The crowd began to become very restless as referee Kevin MacDonald allowed a lot of hugging on the ground without much action. Rose pushed off the fence while being on the bottom but was unable to get up. Williams stated on top for the majority of the round, until the referee finally stood them up. As they got up, Rose shot in for a takedown but was hit by a perfectly placed kick dropping them to the ground. Rose fell to the ground and Williams road her out for the remainder of the round. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Williams.

Williams took Rose down almost immediately to start the third round and quickly went to mount. Most of the rest of the round Williams landed short punches to the side of Williams’ face. The crowd did not approve of the lack of action in the fight. Williams finally started to poster up and rained down some punches while Rose attempted to defend. The referee finally has seen too much and stopped the fight. Linsey Williams beats Hilarie Rose by 3rd TKO (4:01)


Brandon Marotte vs Jhon Costa

Two New England featherweights, Brandon Marotte and Jhon Costa made their professional debuts. Marotte coming our of Hamstead,  New Hampshire, while Costa represented Boston, Massachusetts

Costa throws a kick which Marotte catches and slams him to the ground. Costa pops up immediately. Marotte lands a jab, but Costa lands a leg kick. Costa picks up the pressure and starts to swarm Marotte with a combination. Unfortunately, during the combination, he knees Marotte in the baby maker. This seems to get Marotte angry, who starts to push the action as it resumes. He slams Costa to the mat again but is unable to keep the Bostonian down. However, he takes him down a third time and lands some elbows to the side of his face. Costa springs up but is taken down by a perfectly timed double leg takedown. Marotte clearly has the advantage point in the wrestling department. He keeps Costa down while working for a Kimura. Costa gets up with about 30 seconds in the round and is slammed again. Costa works to his feet. Marotte starts to taunt Costa and calls for them to slug it out, but then shoots and gets another takedown. The MMA Takeover scored the round easily 10-9 for Marotte based on six takedowns.

The two start to exchange but Marotte goes back to his bread and butter and takes Costa down. Costa seems defeated and Marotte slides to the mount. He starts to unload ground and pound for about a minute until the referee seen too much.  Brandon Marotte beats Jhon Costa by 2nd round by TKO (1:39)


Tommy Davis vs Armus Guyton

Tommy Davis and Armus Guyton both made their professional debuts in the middleweight class. Guyton made the long six-plus hour drive from Ithaca, New York to Rhode Island and it was worth the gas money. After a very brief feeling out, Guyton rushed towards Davis. He lands a left hook followed by a straight right hand that sent Davis colliding into the canvas unconscious. He landed two more shots because referee Kevin MacDonald could pull him off.  Armus Guyton beat Tommy Davis by 1st round KO (.39).


Fabio Cherant vs James Dysard

Massachusetts’s own, Fabio Cherant made his professional debut in front of his very loud supporters. He faced off against James Dysard, who was looking to pick up the first win of his career. The fight didn’t last longer than the crowd to organize a “Fabio” chant. Dysard blitz at Cherant with a punch and shot in for a single leg takedown. Cherant saw Dysard’s neck hanging and snatched up a guillotine choke and a quick tap out from Dysard. Fabio Cherant beat James Dysard by 1st round guillotine choke (.13)


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