CES 46 MMA Results: Doomsday Beats the Leprechaun by Decision

CES MMA 46 Results

Top New England MMA organization CES MMA was back with another card in Rhode Island. The card, CES MMA 46  was shown live on Axs TV.  The card was headlined by John “Doomsday” Howard, who was a veteran of 15 UFC fights. Howard squared off against veteran fighter, Roger Carroll. The card also featured New England favorites, Dinis “Sweetbread” Paiva, Gary “Batman” Balleto Jr, and Marquis Brewster. It also included the professional debut, of John Gotti III, who is the grandson of the late Notorious gangster John Gotti.

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John Howard vs Roger Carroll

Two veterans of the sport, John “Doomsday” Howard and Roger “the Leprechaun” faced off in the evening’s main event. Many thought the bout was a mismatch and Howard wanted to prove they were correct.

Howard swarmed his opponent with strikes, while Carroll looked to clinch. Howard backed Carroll up with a hard left and flurried on him again. After landing a series of hooks, Howard got a bodylock takedown on Carroll. Caroll used an armbar attempt to get back to his feet but was slammed back down to the mat with another bodylock takedown. Howard landed some very heavy ground and pound as the round came to an end. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Howard.

Howard started the 2nd round very aggressively. He damaged Carroll’s body with some hard shots, followed by a takedown. Once Howard let his opponent up, he slammed him back down to the canvas. He spent the remainder of the round in Carroll’s guard landing some ground and pound. The MMA Takeover scored the fight, 10-9 Howard.

The 3rd round was very similar to the second round. After Howard got a takedown, he landed some soft ground and pound from Carroll’s guard. Some moments in the fight, Howard was able to sit up in Caroll’s guard and landed heavy ground and  pound, but the majority of the round was just Howard controlling on top. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Howard. The MMA Takeover scored the fight 30-27 for Howard. John Howard beats Roger Carroll by unanimous decision. 

Dinis Paiva vs Brandon Seyler

Brandon Seyler was looking to make it two straight upsets over hometown fighters in CES. He faced East Providence’s own, Dinis Paiva in the co-main event of the evening.

Seyler dropped Paiva with a right hand but Paiva quickly got to his feet and landed a knee. Paiva started to find his range. He landed 1-2 combinations while sliding out of Seyler’s counter punches. Neither fighter landed anything to heavy in the round. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 to Paiva because he pushed the pace.

The 2nd round started off with a slow pace, with both guys trying to pot shot from range. However, the action began to pick up Paiva found his straight left land. The southpaw fighter dropped Seyler three straight time. Once he dropped him the third time, the referee called a halt to the action. Dinis Paiva beats Brandon Seyler by 2nd round TKO.

Gary Balletto Jr vs Sharif Jones

Son of Rhode Island professional boxer, Gary Balletto, Gary Balletto Jr looked to win his fifth straight. He squared off against Philadelphia’s own, Sharif Jones.

Jones looked very quick on the feet, winning the very early exchanges but paid the price when he went for a takedown. Balletto reversed the position and landed a few hammerfists on Jones. Once Jones was able to get to his feet, Jones landed another combination on Balletto. He attempted to finish the round by getting a takedown on the hometown fighter and peppering him with some ground and pound. However, Balletto rolled underneath Jones and locked in a kneebar. Balletto torqued on leg trying to hyperextend it but Jones was able to make it out of the round. The MMA Takeover scored the  10-9 Balletto. The near-submission stole the round for Balletto.

Back on their feet. Jones showed that he was the much quicker fighter. He landed some serious leather to start the round. He landed some serious body shots that Balletto had no answer for. The body shots seemed to slow the former boxer’s son. Jones landed a few heavy shots that hurt Balletto. The hometown fighter was able to secure a double-leg takedown with about a minute left. He got behind his opponent and locked in a crucifix. He landed a few elbows as the round ended. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for Jones.

Balletto landed a 1-2 combination to start the round. During a clinch, Balletto landed a knee to Jones groin, causing a brief pause in the action, Jones worked the body again while they were on the feet as Balletto failed to counter. Balletto rallied with a combination that appeared to hurt Jones. He ran towards Jones with more shots, who desperately tried to tie up with him. Balletto, however, the hometown fighter landed some hard elbows and knees in the clinch. Jones hit the canvas and Balletto followed with punches and locked in a rear naked choke to force the tap out. It was a great back and forth fight. Gary Balletto Jr beats Sharif Jones by 3rd round submission (Rear Naked Choke). 

Rico Discuillo vs Seth Basler

The highly favored Rico Discuillo was host to Missouri’s Seth Basler. Besler dropped Discuillo early in the fight. In a brief scramble, Discuillo attempted a kneebar but gave up his back to Basler. Discuillo scrambled to his feet and landed a hard body kick followed by a uppercut. He jumped to take his opponents back but lost the position. He worked to get to his feet and in a scramble was able to lock in a Peruvian Necktie. Basler attempted to escape the more, but before he lost consciousness, he tapped out. Rico Discuillo beats Seth Basler by 1st round submission (Peruvian Necktie). 

Josh LaBerge vs Jonathan Lemke

Josh LaBerge and Jonathan Lemke faced off for the second time in their career. There was no love lost between these two. Both guys came out throwing heavy to start the fight. Lemke was the more active fighter but LaBerge was the more effective.

LaBerge landed a hard straight right that hurt Lemke to start the first. He didn’t rush his opponent but decided to pick his shots. He landed a clean high kick midway through the round. Both guys started to trade serious leather for the final midnight of the opening frame which was highlightd by LaBerge’s mouthpiece going flying out of his mouth. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for LaBerge.

LaBerge landed two straight right hands to start the round but clearly started to show signs of fatigue. Lemke started to open up his offense with kicks to the legs and body f LaBerge. He was much busier than LaBerge in the round. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 Lemke.

Lemke started the third round by continuing to push the pace. He constantly pumped the jab at LaBerge, who moved away most of the round. Lemke landed a clean right hand to LaBerge’s face that was covered in blood. LaBerge dug deep trying to fire back but was unable to keep up the pace with Lemke. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 Lemke and scored the fight 29-28 for Lemke. The judges all scored the fight 29-28 for Lemke. Jonathan Lemke beat Josh LaBerge by unanimous decision. 

Justin Sumter vs Shedrick Goodridge

Justin Sumter was looking to win his 5th straight fight, including his 3rd straight when he took on New Jersey’s Sherdrick Goodridge. Sumter wasted no time dispatching of his foe. He quickly took Goodridge to the mat with a double-leg takedown. Goodridge immediately gave up his back to Sumter. Sumter put his hooks and eventually locked in the rear naked choke causing Goodridge to tap. Justin Sumter beats Shedrick Goodridge by 1s round submission (Rear Naked Choke). 

John Gotti III vs Johnny Adams

The most talked about story of the evening was the professional debut of John Gotti III. Gotti is the grandson of the late crime boss, John Gotti. Gotti filled the arena with supporters getting by far the biggest cheer of the evening.

The two locked horns almost immediately, with both fighters battling in the clinch. Gotti was the more physically imposing figure. Gotti landed a few knees to Adams body. Adams attempted to trip Gotti down to the canvas but ended up landing on the bottom himself. After a brief control on top, Gotti was able to rain down shots from the top until Adams verbally submitted. John Gotti III beats Johnny Adams by 1st round submission (Verbal Submission Due to Strikes)/

Marquis Brewster vs Raymond Yanez

Former Rhode Island state champion wrestler, Marquis Brewster was looking to keep his professional record perfect when he faced off against Ohio’s Raymond Yanez.

Brewster, who was featured on The MMA Takeover’s “Follow a Fighter Series” was too much for Yanez.  He dropped Yanez with a combination of power shots. Once they hit the ground, Brewster unloads strikes to the head and body of Yanez causing the referee to pull him off Yanez. Marquis Brewster beats Raymond Yanes by 1st round TKO. 

Pat McCrohan vs Buck Pineau

Pat McCrohan and Buck Pineau faced each other at CES 31 but the fight was cut short when Pineau dislocated his elbow when he was taken down by McCrohan. The two got to settle their score when they faced almost exactly two years from their previous bout.

McCrohan quickly got to the clinch and took Pineau down by head/arm throw. He quickly moved to the mount and started to land a volley of elbows on his foe. Once Pineau gave up his back, McCrohan rode him out similar to referee’s position in amateur wrestler. He continued to sneak in hard shots to the side of Pineau’s ears while controlling him from behind. Once Pineau didn’t respect the shots, he started to land heavy shots that were unanswered forcing the referee to stop the contest. Pat McCrohan beat Buck Pineay by 1st round TKO. 

Jessie Pires vs Michael Taylor

The evening was kicked off by two fighters making their professional debuts. Both fighters exchanged inside leg kicks before Taylor got a body lock and slammed Pires to the mat. He softened up his opponent with knees to the body, until he was able to secure the mount. Once in the dominant position, Taylor rained down two devastating elbows that left Pires unconscious.  Michael Taylor beats Jessie Pires by 1st round KO. 

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