Justin Ledet “USADA Has Ruled that He Took Tainted Supplement”

Undefeated UFC heavyweight Justin Ledet spoke with our very own Keith Shillan, and enclosed that he has been contacted by USADA and informed that his recent positive test for a banned substance that was taken on February 1st has been confirmed to have been from a tainted supplement.

Ledet stated that USADA is expected to make a formal announcement in the upcoming days, but stated that USADA has tested a multi-vitamin that he has taken and found that the banned substance that he was flagged for was in the multi-vitamin and not properly labeled.

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Ledet was unable to state what exactly the banned substance, but said that he will still receive a 4 month suspension which is retroactive to February 1st. Ledet stated that the news is a “relief because he knew he was innocent and have been waiting to justified. “I am happy the news is coming out”, he told Shillan, “but I am still disappointed to have had something illegal in my system”. Ledet followed up that it was “never his intention to try and cheat”.

Ledet concluded that he has already passed “6 or 7 USADA tests” in his UFC career and “never came back dirty”.

Ledet, who was pulled from his scheduled UFC Fight Night 104 fight against Dmitry Sosnovskiy due to a knee injury,   is hoping to be fully healed and  return to the octagon before the end of the year.


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