Loaded Joe’s Breakdown of Vasyl Lomanchenko vs Guillermo Rigondeaux (Audio File)

Though the MMA Takeover doesn’t normally cover boxing, every once in a while a boxing match comes along that MMA fans take notice of. Our friend, Blake Moneyblaker of gives a breakdown of the matchup in his newest episode of the Loaded Joe’s MMA podcast.

“One of boxing’s best & most anticipated fights ever, Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux, happens this Saturday night on ESPN at 9 pm EST & Loaded Joes MMA has you covered. In this two-part series, host and modern boxing enthusiast Blake “Money” Blakeweather breaks down the technical action based on what fans have seen from the popular fan favorite Ukrainian born boxer Lomachenko, and the lesser known but just as skilled Cuban boxer Rigondeaux. In part 1, Money focuses briefly on the background, schools of thought, and training each fighter comes from. He briefly introduces each fighter’s unique technical gifts to new fans and refreshes the minds of hardcore boxing fans. In part 2, (to be released Friday, Dec, 8th) the focus will be on what each does well inside the boxing ring and what paths to victory each fighter could take to win. This series is for boxing fans of all levels, whether you’re a new fan of boxing, or have been following since you used to watching Mike Tyson in the 90s. Tune in below to check out this entertaining yet educational take on one of the years most anticipated boxing fights. ”

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Here is his breakdown: (Warning adult language used)




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