Brazillian Soccer Star Neymar Hires UFC Vet As Bodyguard

Canadian welterweight Nordine Taleb has been reported to have been hired as a bodyguard. The Brazilian soccer star Neymar made the request to employee the UFC vet as reported by multiple sources.

Neymar has been in the news after leaving the soccer powerhouse Barcelona. He recently signed a 53 million dollar a year deal with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). On top of his large salary he is also endorsed by multiple large names with one of the biggest being Nike.

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Taleb who holds a professional record of 13-4 has not entered the octagon to fight since UFC Fight Night 109 where he claimed a win via decision. Photos have been seen of Taleb standing with Neymar on his Instagram account also. With no fight currently booked this could be a very profitable “side gig” for the MMA vet.


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