Bellator 187 Results: A.J. McKee Submits Brian Moore; Conor McGregor Crashes the Event and Causes a Near Brawl

Bellator was on tape delay Friday night because they held a card in Ireland. The card was called Bellator 187. It wasn’t the most star-driven event but did showcase the undefeated AJ McKee and Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr. The event also was crashed by UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor.


A.J. McKee vs Brian Moore

The young undefeated A.J. McKee looked to become the first fighter to start off 10-0 in the Bellator cage when he took on Brian Moore in Moore’s home country. He entered the fight as a big favorite.

McKee came out being very elusive. He darted in and out of range in the first round until he dropped Moore with short right hand. Moore was able to land a hard left on McKee but McKee locked in an extremely deep guillotine choke. It appeared that Moore was done, but he somehow worked his head out and got to his feet. Once he got to his feet he landed three hard shots that rocked McKee. McKee looked to be hurt bad and shot in for a takedown. He held on to Moore’s legs for the remained of the round but had his forehead cut open by an elbow. Really close round, but we thought Moore stole the round. 10-9 Moore

Moore came out with a bunch of confidence entering the 2nd round, He landed a nice straight left hand to back McKee up. He tried to get into the pocket, while McKee countered with straight lefts. McKee would shoot in was unable to secure a takedown. Moore really started to open up on the feet while McKee slowed down. McKee attempted to pot shot from range, while Moore looked for the big shots. Moore shot for a takedown on McKee, who easily stuffed Moore. McKee landed a few shots on his feet but without much power behind it. Moore ended the round with a 1-2 combination. Another very close round. The MMA Takeover also scored it 10-9 for Moore.

McKee dropped Moore with a three punch combination to open the round. He swarmed the hometown fighter with shots from on top. Moore gave up his back, and McKee locked in a rear naked choke until Moore was unconscious.  A.J. McKee beats Brian Moore by 3rd round submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Sinead Kavanagh vs Maria Casanova

Sinead Kavanagh fought in front of her home country of Ireland. She is a multiple time Irish national champion, boxer. She took on Maria Casanova from France. Kavanagh weighed in over three-pounds for the140 lbs catchweight fight.

Kavanagh dropped Casanova immediately to start the fight. She moved right to full mount and landed several shots on top causing the referee, Marc Goddard to stop the fight only 35 seconds in. Sinead Kavanagh beats Maria Casanova by 1st round TKO


Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr vs Fred Freeman

Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr, the son of the infamous Kimbo Slice stepped in the Bellator cage for his third time. He took on the 1-0 Fred Freeman.

Ferguson worked behind a jab to get a body lock on Freeman. He used the body lock to slam Freeman to the mat. During a quick scramble, Baby Slice was able to slide his arm under Freeman’s neck and get a 1st round rear naked choke submission win. Kevin “Baby Slice” Ferguson Jr beats Fred Freeman by 1st round submission (Rear Naked Choke).

Charlie Ward vs John Redmond

Charlie Ward is known for his brief stint in the UFC and being a training partner of Conor McGregor. He got a quick takedown on Redmond to start the first round. Redmond was able to get to his feet without taking much damage. Redmond was able to find some success in the clinch when he started to land knees to his Irish opponent’s body. With just seconds left in the first round, Ward lands a left hook that sends Redmond crashing to the canvas. Ward follows up with shots the Redmond and gets the stoppage with only 1 second left in the round.  Charlie Ward beats John Redmond by 1st round TKO. 

The most talked about moment of the entire night was immediately after the fight. Conor McGregor jumped in the cage and dove into the arms of Ward. The two hugged until officials separated them and ordered McGregor out of the cage. McGregor got very upset when the referee, Marc Goddard placed his left hand on McGregor’s chest. The UFC Lightweight champion pushed Goddard and stick his finger in Goddard’s face, apparently threatening Goddard. McGregor and a McGregor bodyguard pushed a Bellator official several times trying to get to Goddard.

Goddard and McGregor had an incident three weeks ago at UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Till. McGregor was cheering for his teammate Artem Lobov while circling around the cage. Goddard stopped the fight for a brief moment and ordered McGregor to sit in a destinated seat for the remainder of the fight.

During the commercial break, McGregor jumped on the cage trying to celebrate. When a Bellator official started to push McGregor off the cage, he slapped the official.


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