Bellator 186 Results: Bader Pounds Out Vassell; MacFarlane Wins Flyweight Title

Bellator 186 was held on the campus of Penn State University which featured former Penn State NCAA National Champion wrestlers Phil Davis and Ed Ruth. The card also featured two title fights in the main and co-main event.  Ryan Bader defended his Light Heavyweight title against Linton Vassell. Ilima-Lei MacFarlane and Emily Ducote rematched for the inaugural women’s flyweight title.

Bellator 186 Main Card Results:


Ryan Bader vs Linton Vassell for the Light Heavyweight Title

Ryan Bader made his 2nd appearance in the Bellator cage, but this time was the first as champion. He put his Light Heavyweight title on the line against longtime Bellator veteran, Linton Vassell.

To start the fight, Bader shoots in and lateral drops Vassell, who was able to scramble back to his feet after a brief grappling exchange. Vassell immediately starts to land extremely hard kicks to the legs and body of Bader, who is showing that they hurt. However, Bader was able to time one of Vassell’s kicks and took the Englishman down again. Vassell was able to work up to his feet. Instead of breaking away, he shoots in on Bader, who counters by hip tossing Vassell back down for the third time. Bader lands some nice shots as the round ends including a heavy knee to Vassell’s body. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Bader.

Bader starts the second with a short right hand followed by a double leg takedown. Bader pressed Vassell against the cage, who is starting to struggle to get back to his feet after carrying Bader’s weight. Vassell was sitting down with his back against the cage while being peppered with shorts punches by the American wrestler. Bader blasts Vassell with a hard knee to the body and slams Vassell back down on the canvas, as he tried to get up. “Darth” starts to land some heavy hammer fists to the side of Vassell’s head, who is now flat on the ground. Vassell briefly gave up his back. Bader traps on of Vassell’s hand and then lays countless unanswered shots down on Vassell until the referee calls a stop to the contest. Ryan Bader successfully defends his Light Heavyweight title by beating Linton Vassell by 2nd round TKO. 


Ilima-Lei MacFarlane vs Emily Ducote for the Inaugural Flyweight Title

Their first fight was mostly a ground fight, but their second fight started with fireworks on the feet. MacFarlane pushed the pace, causing Ducote to spend a large portion of the fight with her back against the cage. MacFarlane damaged Ducote’s body from the plum clinch and knees. She started to flurry on the feet, showing big improvements. Ducote was unable to get any offense going because of MacFarlane’s pressure. When Ducote tried to cover up from a combination, MacFarlane dropped down to a double leg and took Ducote down. Once the fight hit the ground, MacFarlane showed her 10th Planet BJJ top game. She landed several hard elbows from the top, and eventually got the mount. She transitioned to an armbar but the buzzer rang before the round ended. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for MacFarlane.

MacFarlane pumped the jab in the second round while Ducote stared to open up with some hard leg kicks. It appeared that Ducote started to find her range, while the Hawaiin fighter MacFarlane started to slow down.  However, with just under a minute left in the round, MacFarlane landed a few hard hooks and a superman punch. Ducote stuffed a takedown attempt as the round ended. Very close round that could have gone either way. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for MacFarlane for landing the harder shots,

Ducote landed several hard leg kicks to start the round. while Macfarlane sat back. Suddenly MacFarlane rushed Ducote with a combination that connected and locked in another Thai plum clinch. MacFarlane opened up with a four-punch combination that froze Ducote. She landed another combination to help put her in control of the round. Ducote was forced to back up to the cage to defend a double leg takedown. She was able to keep her balance a few times while being lifted up but was eventually dumped on her back as the round ended. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for MacFarlane.

We hit the championship rounds and Ducote is behind. Both fighters spent the majority of the round on the outside punching air, but the action picked up near the end of the round. MacFarlane stepped into range and landed some big power shots on Ducote. Ducote shot in for a takedown but was hip tossed to her back. MacFarlane attempted a D’Arce choke, which gave Ducote a change to reverse the position and land on top. MacFarlane ended the round on bottom but landed elbows while on her back. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for MacFarlane.

Ducote came out very aggressive to start the 5th round. She landed some hard outside kicks to MacFarlane’s left leg. MacFarlane grabbed an over-under clinch and attempted a lateral drop but found herself on the bottom. Ducote sat in MacFarlane’s high rubber guard, which is a signature of her 10th Planet BJJ background. MacFarlane wrapped up Ducote until she was able to sneak her leg around Ducote’s head and trap her arm. MacFarlane extended Ducote’s arm in an armbar forcing Ducote to tap out. Ilima-Lei MacFarlane wins the inaugural Bellator women’s flyweight title by beating Emily Ducote by 5th round submission (armbar). 



Phil Davis vs Leo Leite

Former Bellator Light Heavyweight champion, Phil Davis returned to action to take on Leo Leite. Davis was also an NCAA D1 national champion wrestler for Penn State. Leite was undefeated making his Bellator debut. He was a two-time Olympian in Judo.

Leite looked like he wanted to get to the clinch, while Davis wanted to work from the outside. Davis slammed Leite’s body with kicks to the legs and body. Leite was able to close the distance but was unable trip Davis down. In fact, Davis landed some solid knees to the body. Davis started to open up on the feet, landing solid 1-2 combinations followed by a bunch of kicks. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Davis.

Both guys came out much more aggressive in the second round. Both fighters landed wide winging punches. Davis was able to start to get the advantage when he got double under hooks in the clinch.  He peppered the body with knees, untilLeite briefly took a knee. Leite was able to break away from the clinch, which saw Davis pressing the action for the remainder of the round. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Davis.

The third round was more of the same. Davis slipped and slid out of range, while Leite swung at air. Davis continued to Leite from the outside. He was much more active and landed at a much higher rate. The MMA Takeover scored the third round 10-9 for Davis and the fight 30-27 for Davis. Phil Davis beats Leo Leite by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). 

Ed Ruth vs Chris Dempsey

Penn State royalty, Ed Ruth, who was a 3x NCAA Division 1 National Champion wrestler at Penn State took a huge step up in competition on Friday. Ruth, who is a perfect 3-0 in his young career, faced  UFC veteran, Chris Dempsey.

Ruth came out very relaxed in front of his alma matta crowd. He slammed Dempsey with a body kick and followed by taking his foe down with an arm drag.  Ruth displayed his dominant top game wrestling by battering Dempsey shots. Dempsey kept switching back in forth from lying on his back and giving up his back, which saw him getting battered in both positions. Once Dempsey got back to his feet, he did back Ruth up with a straight. Ruth took Dempsey down, who attempted to lock on a guillotine choke, but wasn’t able to lock his legs. The MMA Takeover scores the round 10-9 for Ruth.

Ruth came out aggressive to start the 2nd round. He landed a short right hand that backed Dempsey up and shortly after landed another short right that sent Dempsey down to the canvas, unconscious. Ed Ruth beats Chris Dempsey by 2nd round KO. 

Zach Freeman vs Saad Awad

After pulling off one of the biggest upsets of the year, when he submitted super prospect Aaron Pico, Zach Freeman looked to move to 2-0 in the organization. He kicked off the main card by facing longtime Bellator staple, Saad Awad.

While the fight lasted longer than Freeman’s  24-second submission, it didn’t go much longer. Awad caught Freeman with a right hand that strumbled Freeman. Freeman shot in for a takedown but when he missed it, he simply covered up. The referee stopped the fight before Awad hit Freeman with any more shots. Saad Awad beats Zach Freeman by 1st round TKO. 



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