Bellator 185 Results: Mousasi Squeaks By Shlemenko

Bellator was in Uncasville, Connecticut with another card. The card had some last minute changes but still their biggest free agent acquisition. The card was headlined by the Bellator debut of Gegard Mousasi. He faced off against the organization stalwart, Alexander Shlemenko.

The rest of the main card event featured Neiman Gracie, who is a member of the legendary Gracie family, and current boxing champion, Heather Hardy, and former boxing champion, Ana Julaton.

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Gegard Mousasi vs Alexander Shlemenko:

Both Gegard Mousasi and Alexander Shlemenko stated that they would expose their will on their opponent in the featured bout.

Shlemenko came out  with his usual spinning strikes to start the fight. Mousasi was able to avoid every attempt by a flying knee. The knee left Mousasi’s eye swollen shut. Mousasi was able to secure a takedown and attempted several submissions on the Russian fighter. It appeared several times that Mousasi would sink in the rear naked choke but Shlemenko was able to fight it off and win the round. The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 Mousasi.

Between rounds the ringside doctor took a close look at Mousasi’s swollen eye that was almost completely closed but he let it continue.

Shlemenko started to find his range by landing a straight left to Mousasi’s hematoma. He was controlling the exchanges until Mousasi was able to press Shlemenko against the cage and getting a takedown. The Russian fighter made the mistake of giving up his back and spent the remainder of the match fighting off a rear naked choke. It was a really close round but The MMA Takeover scored it 10-9 for Mousasi again.

Shlemenko came out aggressive in the third round. He really started picking apart the former UFC fighter. He landed several hard shots to both the head and body. A knee to the body visible hurt Mousasi, who at one point pulled guard to rest. Shlemenko went in for the kill, but Mousasi was able to defend enough to make it out of the round. The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 Shlemenko but scored the fight 29-28 Mousasi.

Gegard Mousasi beat Alexander Shlemenko by unanimous decision. 

The largely Russian crowd was not happy about the decision.


Neiman Gracie vs Zak Bucia:

Neiman Gracie had a change of opponents last minute but he didn’t have to change game plans. The BJJ wizard told The MMA Takeover that he would take his opponent down and submit him by rear naked choke. He was true to his word.

He took his opponent, Zak Bucia down in the first and second round, and easily took his back. After fighting for the rear naked choke in the first round, he was able to secure the submission in the second round. Neiman Gracie beats Zak Bucia by 2nd round submisison (Rear Nakes Choke).


Heather Hardy vs Kristina Williams:

Mousasi might have been the highest ranked fighter on the card, but Heather Hardy was the most talked about fighter in the building. Hardy the undefeated boxing champion faced off against the professional debuting Kristina Williams.

Someone must have forgotten to tell Williams that Hardy was the elite striker. Williams came right after the boxing champion. Williams landed several combinations follow by very fast high kicks. Hardy took the best shots that Williams could give with some huge shots herself. Williams was much more effective and bloodied up Hardy.

Williams confidence didn’t waiver in the second round. The Oklahoma fighter came out the aggressor again. She landed hard shots that had Hardy backing up. She walloped Hardy with a high kick that stumbled Hardy and had blood pouring out of her nose.  Blood was pouring so bad the doctor stopped the contest. Kristina Williams beats Heather Hardy by 2nd round TKO.


Ryan Quinn vs Marcus Surin:

Two of Connecticut’s own matched up on the main card. Ryan Quinn representing Danbury matched up from Stamford’s Marcus Surin.

Quinn pushed the action. He got Surin to back up after a combination. and set up his double leg takedown. He was able to transition to the back where he looked to sink in a rear naked choked.

The second round looked similar to the first Quinn took Surin down and was able to transition to the back, where he looked for the rear-naked choke. Each time Surin got up to his feet, Quinn was able to take him back down,

Quinn got him in a little trouble in the third where Surin was able to get top position. After a brief scramble, Quinn appeared to lock in a D’Arce choke, but Surin showed some grit. He was able to escape and start working from the top. He landed some nice shots but was unable to put Quinn out. Ryan Quinn beats Marcus Surin by unanimous decision. 


Ana Julaton vs Lisa Blaine:

Former boxing champion, Ana Julaton came into her Bellator with tons of hype backed by her own confident talk. She was matched up with the unknown Lisa Blaine.

Both fighters came out very tentative to start the fight. After a prolonged period of steering each other, the two clinched with each other. Blaine attempted a guillotine and was able to use it to secure a takedown to win the first round.

Julaton started to get some kicks to the legs but found herself clinched again. After her own guillotine attempt, she was taken down again by Blaine. Blaine landed some hammer fists from the top,  but Julaton was able to reverse position.

Julaton seemed to finally be opening up with kicks to start the third but was taken down again. Blaine pattered her with some light shots on top for most of the round. With about 30 seconds in the round, Julaton got to her feet. The two guys got into a collar tie up and exchanged shots. Julaton working the body, while Blaine targeted the ears.

The MMA Take over scored the fight 30-27 for Blaine. Lisa Blaine won by split decision. 


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