Rampage: “He ain’t Going to be Making No Leg Babies this Weekend”

By Kyle Steele

Perhaps looming larger than the Sears Tower itself was the anticipation of King Mo and Rampage Jackson’s press conference banter. The stage was set: ninety-ninth floor with almost oceanic views of Lake Michigan, Bellator/Spike branded microphones and back drops, cameras on top of cameras next to cameras behind cameras, and a room full of journalists ready to let the next thirty to forty-five minutes unfold. As we began, however, it was easy to see the mood would remain light-hearted and relaxed. Barring a few Mo/Rampage jabs at one another, the presser was just one of the many highlights in what became an incredible afternoon. The best banter coming a few minutes after we got going. As the conference went on, a narrative surrounding King Mo’s fighting style being equated to dry humping, began when Rampage stated: “…he ain’t going to be making no leg babies this weekend. Not at all.”

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King Mo shot back with: “No, I won’t be making none because after I’m done I’m going to be giving him a plan B.”

That joke continued throughout the press conference.

Bellator’s venue choice for the Press Conference gets an A+ with some extra credit. It also created some very humanizing moments with many of the fighters, notably King Mo and Chase Gormley, whose dislike of heights was on full display. And Bellator was not going to let them off easy. After the conference ended we went up a few more floors to experience the “SkyDeck.” The “SkyDeck”, for those who do not know, is a see-through platform that allows you look straight down 1,353 feet (over a quarter mile!). The views were amazing. Now, you may be wondering why I’m telling you this? I’m telling you this because the fighters participated in a second stare-down. Where? You guessed it, the “SkyDeck.” I’m happy to report that all fighters joined in, albeit with some hesitation.

All in all, the Press Conference was a huge success. I imagine the event to be no different. Tune in live, 9pm on Friday, March 31, 2017, on Spike TV! Can’t miss event.

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