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UFC Fight Gets Canceled Because of Crazy Soccer Fans

The UFC had to take some extreme safety measures on Friday due to some “crazy” soccer fans.

Anthony Hamilton and Adam Wieczorek were withheld from the ceremonial UFC Gdansk weigh-ins because a rowdy crowd of Lechia Gdansk “ultras” showed up. Lechia Gdansk Ultras are a popular soccer team in Gdansk.

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The fans were upset that UFC heavyweight Wieczorek is a fan of their rival team, Ruch Chorzow. The crowd caused the police to be called, and barricades to be placed in keep the crowd back. The police had to stand in front of the crowd while wearing riot gear.

The UFC decided that for safety reasons that Hamilton vs Wieczorek fight would be canceled and rescheduled for UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney, Australia on November 18th.

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