Q&A with Kenny “Good2Go” Gaudreau

By:  Nick Portella

What’s good fight fans? Today I got the chance to catch up with pro-MMA fighter Kenny Gaudreau. Kenny holds a professional record of 8-4 and will be stepping into the cage June 17 at Strike Off 10. Let’s have a seat with Kenny and ask some questions.

Nick:  What does it mean (to you) to be a fighter?
Kenny:  It means that I live a structured, disciplined and healthy life. I take my craft serious enough to compete and improve on the mat daily. This constant demand to improve saturates into every other aspect of life.

Nick:  At what age did you begin to train martial arts?
Kenny:  I began High School Freestyle Wrestling in September of 2001, 16 years ago. I wrestled all 4 years, finally making varsity my senior year. This was my first experience in any contact sport and it has been a long road of development from there. In 2007 at the age of 19, I began training specifically for MMA competition, taking my first fight in January of 2008.

Nick:  How long have you been with Disciple MMA?
Kenny:  I have been part of the Disciple Squad for 5 years now.

Nick:  What would you say is your best attribute as a fighter?  
Kenny:  I enter the cage to finish the opponent as quickly as possible and don’t slow the action until I do.

Nick:  Most fighters get branded with a nickname at some point in time. Do you have one? If so who gave it to you and why?
Kenny:  I have been branded a few nicknames over the years. The lasting one was given to me by my friend and former training partner, Bryan Tevalt. I recall him saying something along the lines of “you’re like the energizer bunny, you just don’t stop. They should call you “Good2Go” Gaudreau”

Nick:  What tips would you give young up and coming fighters just getting into the fight game?
Kenny:  View your career as a business venture, because it is. Start as soon as possible. Identify the big picture of this fight game and where you stand, then align yourself with the right team. Bring love and joy to every training session, it’s contagious.

Nick:  June 17 at Strike Off 10 you will be facing a tough opponent in Dameron Kirby. I am aware that you are familiar with him since you have fought in the past with you winning via unanimous decision. Since then have you changed anything in your game plan for your second fight with him?
Kenny:  Doesn’t much matter who stands in front of me, I’m thankful to have a fight. With (2) weeks notice and multiple injuries, I stepped up as a fill in to the save the event from losing a fight on their card. I was thankful to walk away with my health and a little bit of cash, however, offer a formal apology to the fans of the DMV for the sub level performance. Second chances are rare in life, especially when it comes to competitive events. True, I came away with the W, but in my mind, all I could think of were the times I should have finished him. I now have the opportunity to do just that and give the fans what they want.

Nick:  Do you have a prediction for your fight?
Kenny:  I plan to finish him Round 1.

Nick:  Who is your favorite MMA fighter of all time?
Kenny:  I have a top five list which consists of Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz, Fedor, Anderson Silva, and Nate Diaz. They have been my all time since I started. However, Tony Ferguson definitely has my attention. It’s hard to break into my top 5 though. Nate might fall off that list if he doesn’t fight soon. If he does, who knows who will fill that 5th slot.

Nick:  Kenny have you submitted to the takeover? 
Kenny:  This is Kenny “Good2Go” Gaudreau and I have submitted to the takeover.

Well, I had fun talking with Kenny. I wish him all the best in his upcoming fight and beyond. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver.com this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA


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