The 25 Greatest Fights in UFC History: #24 “That is One of the Craziest Stoppages I Have Ever Seen”

Each December I count down the top 25 fights in UFC history. With each day of December, I will be revealing the newest fight on the list, with the #1 fight being revealed on Christmas morning. With approximately 550-600 new UFC fights each year, the list will look different than the year before. The criteria for ranking these fights are the amount of action, competitiveness, and significance of the fight (main events/title fights tend to get some extra credit).

So let’s get to the list

List So Far:

  • #25 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Randy Couture

#24 Cheick Kongo vs Pat Barry

June 26th, 2011

Main Event of UFC Live 4: Kongo vs Berry

Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Former, K-1 Kickboxer, Pat Berry was starting to make a name for himself inside the octagon, because he was working on his wrestling with Brock Lesnar. Cheick Kongo was a mainstay in the UFC, having his 14th fight in the UFC at this time.

Both guys were known for their striking technique and power.

We were promised a standup war, we had no idea what was coming up.


So this fight will have the least amount of action of any fight on the list. But the little bit of action was worth a full 25 minutes of action.

The first two minutes of the fight was slow. Both guys were trying to establish range. But everything changed when Berry landed an overhand right that dropped Kongo to his knees, with his body hunched over and he appeared knocked out. Berry hit the what appeared to be unconscious Kongo, with about 7 or 8 shots, knocking Kongo over. Joe Rogan screams “It’s all over”

But Kongo started to move and stood up, only be faceplanted by another overhand right by Berry. Kongo scrambles to his feet, and get’s up looking like the dead guy in Weekend at Bernie’s (was the dead guy Bernie?, I can’t remember).

Berry moves in to finish what appeared to be a lifeless Kongo, but Kongo throws a short right uppercut, and knocks Berry out in the best comeback in UFC history.

Results and Notes:

Kongo made the miraculous come from behind knock out. I might get shit for picking this fight because it had about 20 seconds of action, but as Mike Goldberg said, “this was the perfect example of are you kidding me”  and Joe Rogan replied, “yeah, it’s a holy shit moment”.

Both guys had some success inside the UFC, but both never lived up to their potential. Berry ended up retiring, and is engaged to current women’s strawweight champion, Rose Namajunas, while Kongo currently fights in Bellator.

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