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UFC 221 Recap: Luke Jumeau Beats Daichi Abe to Kick Off UFC 221

Jun 10, 2017; Auckland, NZ; Luke Jumeau (red gloves) celebrates the victory against Dominique Steele (not pictured) during UFC Fight Night at Spark Arena. Mandatory Credit: Simon Watts-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday the UFC makes it’s the first trip to Western, Australia as it held UFC 221 in Perth. The card began at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning in Perth. The first fight to kick off the card was between New Zealand’s, Luke Jumeau, who was making his third appearance in the UFC Octagon, against the undefeated Daichi Abe from Japan. Jumeau was coming off a disappointing loss to Shinsho Anzai, while Abe defeated Hyun Gyu Lim in his debut.

Round 1

Abe starts the action by landing a high kick and follows up with a combination. He lands a jab and misses a high kick. Jumeau lands a big hook that hurts Abe. Jumeau pushes forwards. He catches a kick from Abe but doesn’t avoid a right hand. Abe lands an uppercut and a series of big shots. Jumeau briefly recovers but is hit with a clean straight right that drops Jumeau to the canvas. Abe attacks with shots from the top trying to end the fight. Jumeau scrambles back to his feet while getting hit by the Japanese fighter. Jumeau is a bloody mess but the round expires.  The MMA Takeover scores the round 10-9 for Abe


Round 2

The New Zealand fighter comes out aggressive in the second round. He lands a combination and takes Abe down with a body lock trip. Abe is able to work back up to his feet and separate from Jumeau. The two exchange on the feet. The pace has slowed down. Jumeau does connect with a  combination. Abe lands an inside kick, followed by a combination. The round ends. Not as much action in this round. Close round but the MMA Takeover scores it 10-9 for Jumeau

Round 3

Both guys come out for the third round breathing very hard. This fight is a toss-up heading into the third round. Abe starts the action with two kicks to the body. The pace is slow. Jumeau lands a right leg kicks and follows with a right hand. Both guys connect on check hooks and Jumeau hits another leg kick. Both guys seem exhausted. Jumeau misses an overhand right but lands a knee to the Japanese fighter’s head. He follows up with a grazing high kick. Abe appears to be very tired. Jumeau complains of being poked in the eye and get the referee to stops the action. After the ringside doctor says Jumeau can fight, the action picks up again. Jumeau lands two low kicks but misses on a high kick. Abe lands a straight right hand. Abe follows with two leg kicks. Jumeau drops Abe will a leg kick as the round end. Another close round, but The MMA Takeover scored the round 10-9 for Jumeau and the fight 29-28 for Jumeau.

Official Results: Luke Jumeau beats Daichi Abe by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28, and 28-27).



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